Thanksgiving Day – Presbytery Office Closed

The Northumberland Presbytery Office will be closed on November 27 and 28 for the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

May your day be filled with the love of our Lord as you gather together with friends and family.


Williamsport First Presbyterian Church

events-logo2The Williamsport First Presbyterian Church, 102 East Third Street, Williamsport, will host a seminar on Tuesday Dec 2 – noon to 1:00 pm. It will be a 30 minute lecture on the theme of science and religion, followed by a Q & A session.

Pastors, Elders, and Congregations are all invited to attend this educational event.  Participants may being their own lunch. Coffee and snacks will be provided.

Please contact Rev. Sam Hwang at Williamsport First Presbyterian Church, awun.hwang@gmailcom or 570-326-3706 for more information.


“The Boat and the Shore”:

The “rift” between religion and science is uniquely American and a fairly recent cultural development. Many historians trace the beginnings of this animosity to Galileo’s conviction for heresy, but in reality both the Catholic and Protestant churches have a long history of cooperation and mutual support for science and technology. Recent Christian stances, such as “Creation Science,” exploit a simple human desire for answers while ignoring a subtle and graceful path that offers reconciliation. The December 3rd prayer lunch will introduce and explore the common ground shared by belief in both science’s discoveries and religious enlightenment.

About the lecturer:

Charles Kemnitz recently retired from Penn College where he served as professor of technical writing and literature. His academic career focused on creative nonfiction and rhetoric of science. Charles grew up in southwest Colorado and Alaska. He met his wife, Susan, while serving as the poetry editor of the University of Tulsa literary magazine. He holds bachelor’s of science and art in literature and anthropology. His graduate work was in Modern Letters. In 2004 he was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Creative Nonfiction. His academic interest has always been the interactions of science and the humanities. Charles has served as a deacon and elder since joining the Presbyterian church in 1985.

Bloomsburg First Presbyterian Church

Carols2012-1024x512CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT

On Thursday, December 4, and Friday, December 5, at 7:30 p.m. BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY CHOIRS will present their annual “Carols by Candlelight” under the direction of Dr. Alan Baker at First Presbyterian Church, Bloomsburg, located at 345 Market Street. Admission is free but tickets are needed to attend. Please call the First Presbyterian church office at 570-784-2322 to reserve your tickets. The maximum is 6 tickets. Thank you.


Northway Presbyterian Church

announcementPart-time position available at Northway Presbyterian Church for an Administrative Assistant. Three days per week totaling 12 hours – extra hours as needed. Please contact the church at 570-323-4293 for more information.
Church office hours: M, W, F from 9:00 to Noon.

Christmas Joy Offering

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Giving Tuesday – Changing Lives


Time for Presbyterians to up their game!

In 2013, the Methodists raised $5 million in one day for mission and ministry.  The day was Giving Tuesday – the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  And the Presbyterians? We raised about $100 that day. What can we do?

We have nearly 2 million generous souls who claim the Presbyterian moniker.  That is a good place to start.  We also have an online giving system ~ The Presbyterian Mission Exchange.  Best of all, we have a theology that inspires us to give out of gratitude for all that God has given us. Giving our first fruits – the best we have to offer – is core to who we are as Christians.

So join your fellow Presbyterians and participate in the third annual #GivingTuesday supporting  mission and ministry around the world and here at home. The Presbyterian Mission Exchange makes it easy to do all your online giving in one place.





Stated Meeting of Presbytery Guest Speakers

announcementOn November 15, at our Stated Presbytery Meeting in Bloomsburg we are going to host Dr. Frank Dimmock and Elizabeth Little from the Presbyterian Mission Agency. We encourage you to bring your mission advocates along with your commissioners to this very special presbytery meeting that will focus on Presbyterian Missions.

During lunch we will have table talk around these three questions: come prepared to discuss!

• How does your budget reflect your church’s response to the poor and disenfranchised?

• Describe the present culture of your church for reaching out to the poor?

• How does your congregation bring the world’s impoverished into your midst?

Frank is the “Poverty Catalyst” on the World Mission staff in Louisville. He brings over 30 years of experience working in mission service. Elizabeth is also a part of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. She works with congregations in the Eastern part of the United States, building awareness of the agency’s World Mission Ministry area and raising financial support for international mission personnel.

Click on this link to get the Presbytery Stated Meeting Docket:


Synod of the Trinity Newsletter

Synod_of_the_Trinity_logoThe Synod of the Trinity is trying to make itself known—a new E-News will highlight activities throughout the Synod.
Remember—You are the Synod, We are the Synod, just as You are the Presbytery, We are the Presbytery!

Click on the link below to get the Synod of the Trinity Newsletter

Synod of the Trinity E-Newsletter

Krislund Korner Newsletter

 Click on the link to receive the August issue of the Krislund Camp Newsletter – the Krislund Korner: 

Oct14 Krislund Korner

Parish Paper

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