2015 Presbyterian Women Churchwide Gathering


 Click  below for the call to the 2015 Presbyterian Women Churchwide Gathering:


4 responses to “2015 Presbyterian Women Churchwide Gathering

  1. when will the event schedule and opportunities be available? I wish we had that knowledge for our fall gatherings and would like to have that information available to contact our “clusters” etc.

    • If you would like to have info on your gatherings published on the PW Synod website, you may contact me at the Northumberland Presbytery at presbynorth@comcast.net. After some computer and internet issues I am still in the process of updating the PW Synod website. I am still learning to navigate around the site, but will get to work on the event schedules, so please let me know of anything you would like to post. Thank you.

  2. when will the churchwide gathering for 2015 be available. we would have liked to have had that information at our fall gatherings. we would like to get that information in the hands of the few p.w.’s we have in our presbytery!!!!

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