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8001444-basket-with-thread-and-balls-for-knitting-as-a-backgroundBald Eagle United Presbyterian Church, Mill Hall PA started a Prayer Shawl Ministry several years ago.  They have over the years, delivered and mailed thousands of prayer shawls and lap robes all over the country.

An infant sweater ministry was added to the prayer shawl ministry about three years ago, and they have since then supplied many new mothers with sweaters, hats and baby blankets for their little ones.

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry is now taking another new step forward.  They will be making prosthesis for women who have had mastectomies and have chosen not to have reconstructive surgery. The prosthesis will be custom made, to size, with different yarns and material suitable for the wearer.

All the prosthesis’s will all be free of charge.  This service will help those who don’t have insurance or maybe have not been able to be fitted with the prosthesis because it is too soon after surgery.

They are here to help.

Many of their volunteers at Bald Eagle United Presbyterian Church have breast cancer stories, and have lost loved ones to this terrible disease. This is their way of helping and giving back to others.

This is not a new ministry.  Since its inception, three years ago, the national group has supplied, more than 2,000 prosthesis to women in  40 states.  The goal at Bald Eagle United Presbyterian Church is to see that the handmade prosthesis’s are available locally.

If you would like to be a part of this  ministry, please join us at the church, 111 Main Street, Mill Hall, PA.  They meet in the large Sunday School room at the back of the church.  There is a parking lot in the back with a handicap ramp.

Everyone is welcome. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at noon.

A lunch is provided free of charge, although we do ask for a donation if you can make one.  Yarn, needles and patterns for shawls, lap robes, sweaters and the prosteses are also available.

Please contact Pastor Susan Champion at 570-726-3254 for more informaiton or if you are interested in being a part of this ministry.

Some websites that explain this ministry are:


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