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Church News around the Presbytery

Friends of Renacer

Renacer youth

Hogar Renacer teens meting with teens from other Honduras orphanages to discuss the challenges and joys facing them as they prepare to graduate.

“Friends of Renacer was organized to be a support network for Hogar de Ninos Renacer, for more information you can click on this link

Click here for a copy of  the  Friends of Renacer Newsletter issue 1

PresbyteryNabey Diaz Martinez co-director or Hogar Renacer with her husband Julio visited Pennsylvania in July.  She met with the mission advocates from five churches in our Presbytery.

Hogar Renacer

A message from Bobbi Updegraff for your support of Hogar Renacer.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.  We had a great team experience at Hogar Renacer.  So much to update you on!  We will send a newsletter shortly.  In a nutshell our children are in the capable hands of Julio and Nabey (Spanish missionaries replacing Elisabeth) and their family. Elisabeth is well and playing a support part in the ministry.  Our kids are thriving.  All is not ideal, but we appreciate the strides to make things better. Do look for our upcoming newsletter.  Thank you all for your prayers! 

 I do have photos and a slideshow video if you would like to have a copy let me know.

We will be planning a Friends of Renacer reunion. Let us know when you cannot attend and we will do our best to accommodate.

Looking forward to all God will accomplish with our faithfulness.  Blessings, Bobbi Updegraff=

To view the slide show you will need to be signed into facebook.

Hogar Renacer

The Pastor in the Pink Shoes

Tioga ChurchThe Pastor in the Pink Shoes… 

I was the talk of the town after I wore pink shoes to church a couple weeks ago. One of my 6th grade teachers and member of our church told me that everyone was talking about my shoes at coffee hour. What??? Continue reading

Duct tape and Elephants–O, my….

mill hallOne of the primary missions of Bald Eagle United Presbyterian Church is to  engage the members of their  congregation in the life of their community.  We at B.E.U.P. have been really busy lately and we wanted to drop you a line to fill you in on a few of our projects.  First of all we, once again, made a 17 foot cardboard boat for our annual race on the Susquehanna River.  Continue reading